Map over dance venues

At all the scenes, except Helsingborg Arena, it is free for all to enjoy the scenes. Would also like to attend the opening - and closing ceremony in Helsingborg Arena, you can buy tickets here. The purple route on the map is the parade route, starting at Gröningen and end in Stadsparken. Learn more about the program here.

1. Henry Dunkers Plats

2. Sofiero Castle

3. Dunkers Seaside

4. Sundstorget

5. Rådhustorget

6. Stortorget

7. Kungstorget

8. Stadsparken

9. Mäster Palms Plats

10. Gustav Adolfs Torg

11. Fredriksdals Gardens

12. Gröningen - Start of parade

14. Helsingborg Arena

15. Gustav Adolfs Church

16. St Mary's Church


Download the map in PDF